It's the kids and their stories that keep us going. Read about some of our All Stars!

Abby's All Stars helped Jason from Bridgeport, Connecticut (then 15 years old) attend Camp Joslin in Charlton, Massachusetts. His grandmother applied for assistance on his behalf. He received a scholarship from the camp but, was required to have money put into an account for his "pocket money" while there. He also had to purchase a list of mandatory camp items to take with him. Abby's All Stars provided the "pocket money" and purchased the necessary items so Jason could attend camp.

Skyler is a 10 year old who enjoys playing soccer, gymnastics, participating in Girl Scouts and spending time with her family, friends, and dog. She was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just before going into second grade. Each day she tests her blood sugar about 12 times by poking her finger with a needle. She also wears an insulin pump that gives her insulin all day long. She counts the carbohydrates in everything she eats. She also considers how much exercise or activity she does each day as that affects her blood sugar. She lives by the motto, “Diabetes doesn’t have me; it is something I have.” Abby’s All Stars recently funded her family’s out-of-pocket costs for her Continuous Glucose Monitor. This helps her gain better control of her numbers, better manage her diabetes, and keep her positive attitude!

Lauren was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in August 2011 at 5 years old. Her pediatrician noticed something was not right and thankfully caught it early before going into DKA. Lauren was also diagnosed with Celiac disease in October 2010. Lauren is an amazing girl who faces each day with a great attitude despite her restricted diet and having to test her blood sugar several times a day. She loves to draw, create, play with her dog Daisy, and most importantly play ice hockey. Lauren plays lacrosse as well. Abby's All Stars helped Lauren to purchase her pump, making her active life just a little easier. She will not let Type 1 diabetes stop her and lives her life the fullest.

Keara was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes at 10 months old which meant she had to have her tiny fingers stuck with a needle 7 times a day to test her blood sugar levels and insulin injected three times a day. At the age of 1, she was eligible for an insulin pump. Although she had insurance, it did not cover the entire cost and left her family with a substantial copay. With the help of Abby’s All Stars, Keara was able to receive her insulin pump. Now, four years later, her life is much easier. She is able to receive her insulin remotely through her pump which means no more needles! She is a vibrant, happy 5 year old who knows no limits.